half an hour ago i took bernie on a walk. we ran into (quite literally) this guy and his dog.

he has a super cute pitbull who always wants to play, but he never lets her play with other dogs because he says she play too rough. i told him bernie loves playing with bigger dogs and it was fine, so we let bernie and her play while they were both still on leashes. horrible idea. they ran in circles around us, and when we both tried  to untangle the leashes, bernie pulled my leash suddenly and the side of my head ran into his eye socket. hahahahah. it was like a scene out of 101 Dalmations except it was very unromantic and i was not attracted to the guy.

the guy was holding his eye socket for a bit. i told him sorry but it was really pretty funny. i think his eye hurts more than my head.

my buddies.

so i was searching for a photograph my college buddy victor and i took with jared leto a few years ago, but wasn’t able to find it. instead, i found this AIM conversation from last year:

Friday, March 13, 2009
Powerlftr45 (10:41:37 PM):what are u doin
the N1NJA says (10:43:34 PM):suup
the N1NJA says (10:43:59 PM):listneing to chris cornell’s horrible new album
the N1NJA says (10:44:03 PM):i am so sad
Powerlftr45 (10:44:10 PM):lol
Powerlftr45 (10:44:13 PM):i don’t know who that is the N1NJA says (10:44:27 PM):wha
the N1NJA says (10:44:28 PM):t
the N1NJA says (10:44:32 PM):youi svuvk
the N1NJA says (10:44:34 PM):suck
the N1NJA says (10:44:36 PM):you know who ten years is the N1NJA says (10:44:39 PM):and thirty seconds to mars the N1NJA says (10:44:41 PM):but not chris cornell? the N1NJA says (10:44:54 PM):audioslave, soundgarden? Powerlftr45 (10:45:02 PM):yeah all of those but chris cornell Powerlftr45 (10:45:08 PM):sounds like a comedian the N1NJA says (10:45:13 PM):ihat eyou

Saturday, March 14, 2009

powerlftr45 (10:46:21 PM):no u dont
the N1NJA says (6:16:24 PM):I am away from my computer right now.

haha. i’m so obnoxious. .


haha, college days. gooood times.


either way, so i started looking through older facebook pictures because friends from college are coming to visit this weekend and i’m super excited.


haha me and ekeata. i can say this because i know she’ll never read this: she’s special because she’s the only person i’ve ever met who’s knocked her teeth into the microphone while on stage in front of hundreds of people. hahahahaha. good times. i’m going to hell. but seriously, ekeata’s awesome when she’s not crazy.


this picture makes me laugh. margaret and ekeata, who’s hiding from the camera because she doesn’t have her hair done. hahhaa, what a weirdo.

Boyfriend brings me a cracker.

So michael’s been in asia for the last couple weeks: Tokyo, Seoul, and now Shanghai. He was at the World Expo in Shanghai a couple days ago, and he wrote me an email about everything that happened. This is an excerpt from the email:

"all the buildings had these huge lines that are probably 2 - 3 hours long.  finally i saw a building that didn’t have as long of a line so i said lets go in.  it turned out to be belgium haha.  pretty random but whatever i just wanted us to get a building under out belt so we knew what to expect.  it was ok inside.  nothing special.  they handed out these free cookies though.  i don’t know for sure if they’re from belgium or not but i kept it so we can try it together.  its just one cracker though so don’t laugh when you see it."

hahahaha. that last part made me laugh. what a good boyfriend who shares his crackers with me. :)